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IBM and GAP Webinar on Assistive Technologies

Assistive Technologies Improving Learning Access

Open and Distance Learning Association of Australia hosted this Webinar with Sharon Kerr from Global Access Project Sydney and Peter Fay from IBM Boston

This webinar both explores new technologies and their potential to provide flexibility for all students to choose how they prefer to access their learning.

Technological change offers new opportunities for people with a disability

In a recent speech Apple chief Tim Cook described people with disabilities as locked in a struggle “to have their human dignity acknowledged”.  All too frequently, he added, they were left “in the shadows of technological advancements that are a source of empowerment and attainment for others”.

He is right. Yet it need not be so and there are solid reasons to believe this situation is set to change. To be sure, obstacles remain – as witnessed by Andrew Trounson’s recent article that Government funding to help universities to support students with disabilities has fallen to less than half the actual cost (http://www.theaustralian.com.au/higher-education/more-uni-disability-funding-needed/story-e6frgcjx-1227010315296) – nevertheless, much can be done within the existing framework.

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