GAP provides a full range of accessibility services to universities, private colleges and TAFEs. Through using our services, client institutions increase their capacity to meet the needs of students with access needs.

GAP’s team has been providing accessibility services to the sector for over 10 years and bring expertise on which client institutions can confidently rely.

All clients are provided with full quotes for services. GAP guarantees both the quality and accuracy of their services.  We can help you ensure that your courses are developed using the most up-to-date online educational strategies, or where courses are not accessible provide just in time support to individual students.

Services include:


  •  Audits of online courses and electronic materials for accessibility
  • Training packages for individual students and/or staff on assistive technologies
  • Running of assistive technology events to provide both seminars on assistive technologies and opportunities for hands-on experience
  • Instructional design and development of courses using universal design principles
  • Web accessibility consultancy


  • Development and review of disability action plans
  • Professional development programs in disability, accessibility and social inclusion for administrative, teaching and support staff.
  • Universal design of curriculum consultancy
  • Inherent requirement consultancy

Conversion Services

  •  e-text
  • Video captioning
  • Audio transcriptions
  • JAWS
  • Large Print
  • Accessible PDFs
  • Audio recordings (both electronic and human)
  • Student/academic/support communications

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 Case studies

Peter* travelled to Thailand as a reward from his parents for doing well in the Law program at University.   While in Thailand he went for a swim that would change his life forever, losing his sight through infection. On returning to Australia, he thought his hope of completing his studies and pursuing a career in law were dashed.   He had no awareness of assistive technologies that could read his materials to him, nor support services provided by the university for students with a disability.
Through assistance of friends he came to the attention of disability support staff who secured an individual training package for Peter in the use of assistive technologies and conversion services for all of his reading materials into accessible formats.
 Maria* is both deaf and blind and studying a masters degree. She required solutions for accessing her learning materials, in particular her statistics information
Staff secured conversion services for all of her learning materials. She received all of her audio lectures and reading materials in Braille with raised thermal images and descriptions for all diagrams.
George* is profoundly deaf and studying online. His course requires him to listen to the lectures online and view online videos. His disability support unit secured conversion services for him.
Pre-recorded lectures were transcribed and provided to him prior to commencement of the first week of semester, live lectures were transcribed and provided to him by email within 48 hours. All videos were captioned and provided prior to commencement of his study.
Following a car accident Li Ming* was left with quadriplegia, unable to walk or use her arms. At the time of her accident she was midway through a degree in ancient history. This course required a lot of reading, accessing heavy books and writing of essays.
Staff secured a conversion service and training package for Li-Ming. All of her learning materials were provided to her electronically. This removed the need for her to carry and manipulate heavy texts. Li-Ming was also provided with training in the use of Voice to Text assistive technologies and voice model development to enable her to accurately dictate her essays and emails.
Ben* has dyslexia and finds that after reading a few pages of study notes he gets very tired because of the effort involved in reading. He was falling behind and risking dropping out of university.
Staff secured an assistive technology training package for him. Ben was introduced to assistive technologies that he could use to scan his own reading materials and access using text to speech technologies.

 *Names have been changed.