The GAP TOOLKIT has been put together to assist Disability Support Staff (especially those who are new to the position) identify the needs of students and get up to speed quickly with some of the key issues surrounding accessibility.


GAP TOOLKIT for Accessibility


* Student questions document

This document provides questions for the disability support officer to ask students to  ensure learning materials are converted into alternate formats suited to the student.

Download Now – GAP TOOLKIT – Student questions

* Assistive technology document

This fact sheet will help you get a quick overview of what assistive technologies are.  There are hyperlinks through the sheet to connect you with further information.  This assistive technology document is an excellent document to  make available to teaching, administration and support staff across your institution.

Download Now – GAP TOOLKIT – Assistive Technologies

*Inherent requirements document

This document provides a starting point for discussion regarding inherent requirements in  your institution.

Inherent requirements when done correctly are a tool for inclusion – not exclusion of students with a disability.   The purpose of stating inherent requirements is to assist students with their choice of subjects and to flag issues that they may choose to discuss with their institution prior to enrollment.

Download Now –GAP TOOLKIT – Inherent requirements

 *Pathways 12 – Navigating New Frontiers Conference  December 2014

Sharon Kerr presented at the Pathways 12 conference on  Global Access Project – A centralised solution to support disability support workers. In this presentation Sharon shared insights that the GAP team have gained from speaking to key players in the Higher Education and VET sectors regarding support for students with a disability.  This powerpoint presentation provides an overview of the areas covered in the presentation.

Download Now –GAP-TOOLKIT – Pathways presentation


* Accessible Online Learning

This document will provide you and your institution with  an easy to follow and low cost option for ensuring that online courses are accessible. There are hyperlinks throughout the sheet to connect you with further information. GAP is happy for you to duplicate and distribute this document to staff as required.

Download Now – GAP TOOLKIT – Accessible online learning