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Published 31 July 2014

Opening access

Some three per cent to six per cent of university students identify as disabled, which makes the work of the Global Access Project very important indeed. GAP comes out of a service created at Macquarie University to assist sight and hearing impaired students there and at other universities with study materials. When Macquarie decided to focus on its own students David WrightSharon Kerr and Kylie Colvin created the consultancy to assist students at higher and further education institutions across the country. GAP is also the third industry partner in the Liberated Learning Consortium, hosted by the University of Massachusetts, which develops speech recognition software for higher education. GAP provides freelance consultants with teaching skills and the technical ability to reformat learning materials, converting audio files to text, for example, on a fee for service basis. The consultancy has negotiated agreements with three undisclosed education clients and is negotiating with universities and colleges around the country. Good luck to them.