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Students with a disability must not be left behind!

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In this year in review wrap-up for Global Access Project (GAP), we will be looking at four disruptors of 2015 that will continue to impact on institutions into 2016 with regard to facilitating access for students with a disability. We will share how GAP has been working with Universities, TAFE’s and Colleges in equipping them to respond effectively to the learning and support needs of a diverse student cohort and provide you with links to resources to help you prepare for the new year.

Move to private providers – leaves students behind (disruptor 1)

David Wright, HECG Managing Director and Executive Chair of GAP provides an excellent summary of the impact of VET Fee Help being made available to private providers and the subsequent growth that this has fuelled in the sector. At GAP we have seen different impacts from this growth:
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IBM and GAP Webinar on Assistive Technologies

Assistive Technologies Improving Learning Access

Open and Distance Learning Association of Australia hosted this Webinar with Sharon Kerr from Global Access Project Sydney and Peter Fay from IBM Boston

This webinar both explores new technologies and their potential to provide flexibility for all students to choose how they prefer to access their learning.

GAP Hot Tip – how to speak with someone using a wheelchair

In 23 seconds Sharon Kerr from Global Access Project, provides a hot tip on how to speak with someone using a wheelchair so that communication is effective.

GAP Hot Tip on How to behave with a Guide Dog

In this 23 second video Sharon Kerr of Global Access Project provides a quick and easy to understand tutorial on how to behave with a Guide Dog.  This tutorial will help you and/or your staff avoid embarrassing or offensive behaviour.

Hot Tip – How to make images accessible!

This video will show you in under 30 seconds how to format your images so that people who are either blind or have low vision can have access using assistive technologies.


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