Global Access Project is an initiative of the Higher Education Consulting Group. We believe that all students should have the opportunity to excel and not be handicapped by lack of access to the learning environment.

Today with the use of assistive technologies, students with a wide range of sensory, physical and learning disabilities are able to access the full learning experience. All that is required is for materials to be presented in a format that can be accessed by these technologies.

GAP works with institutions to help them achieve full accessibility for students at their campus. We also work with the world’s leading technology companies to develop solutions that make it easier and more cost effective for students to access learning.

We believe that accessible higher education is the cornerstone to students with a disability being empowered to achieve excellence and transition to successful careers. By removing the barriers to engagement with learning, students are able to demonstrate to fellow students and future employers the depth and breadth of their abilities.



Icon representing people working together GAP brings together leading international specialists to help the Higher Education sector provide students with a disability access to the full learning experience
Icon representing a lightbulb We are focused on building a personal relationship with your institution and customising services and support to meet your unique needs.
Icon representing a connected laptop GAP provides both REMOTE + ON SITE SUPPORT for our clients, allowing us to build a close relationship directly with you.


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Sharon Kerr

Chief Executive Officer

David Wright


Kylie Colvin

Chief Operating Officer

Sharon has over 20 years experience and has worked extensively in the areas of elearning and accessible learning solutions for students with disability and for those whose first language is not English. Sharon has a proven track record in helping universities ensure that students with a disability have access to the full learning experience. Her expertise extends to customising technology based solutions for students with unique accessibility needs and for those with multiple disabilities such as deafness and blindness. A former Vice President and Executive of Macquarie University, Sydney Australia. David was responsible for Strategy, Marketing and International Business and delivered an outstanding result across the three practice areas that now form HECG. David took nearly twenty years experience in other industries such as telecommunications, IT and start-ups and learned how to apply them successfully within Higher Education. A Senior Higher Education professional with over 10 years experience in; design and implementation of strategic projects; strategic planning; data analysis; legislative policy analysis and position submissions; & management performance reporting. Prior to higher education Kylie was a Senior Risk Analyst and Business Intelligence Manager in the finance sector. Kylie believes that change can only happen in education through informed choices and measurable outcomes for students.


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